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  Money can be a source of stress or a resource of currency. Taking action can reduce the stress and give you a greater sense of control.  Let go of past regret or negative attachment about your current financial situation. You can move forward. $ALT is a great place to help students improve their relationship to money.

  If you have a savings, do not touch it. If you do not, begin one! Try to cut down on your expenses and put the difference in your savings account. If you eat out one a week, try planning ahead with your groceries for your week's meals. Look at your utility bills. How often do you leave the lights on? Try to reduce it. Set a goal for yourself. If your bill is $50 a month, see if you can cut down on energy usage and reduce it to $40 a month. Then put that saved $10 amount in your savings account and don't touch it!

   Saving on costs and setting aside money is a great way to gain control over your finances. However, to have some cushion space, investing is key. Educate yourself with websites like Investopedia. The more you learn the more you will empower yourself. Consider starting a financial literacy group to learn how to invest. Research carefully and diversify your investments. This means to put some money in reliable sources, like stock in companies that produce necessities, and some in riskier places like new technology that may or may not be as reliable. Once you have invested stay committed to your investment plan. Stay educated and current on news with your investments to help you plan. is a helpful site for beginners. If you want to be sure that your money has a positive effect, there is also SRI's or socially responsible investing. and The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment are both sites to learn more about this.

  I hope these links will be helpful to you. The more you take action and get educated, the more empowered you can be with your money. Investing is for your future. It can give you a cushion to that extends to other areas of your life. Start now and watch your money grow. Stay commited and keep saving.