How to live a wonderful debt free life

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Hello, my name is Sunny.

I want you to know how to live a wonderful, debt free, heavenly life. So, in order to live this way you need to have ideas. Always keep this in mind............ ideas matter!!!!!! Always have ideas and learn how to open your mind and look at the bigger picture. The point is that people need to understand how the society and life works. Sadly, in this society people are trapped inside their own box and they are always scared, or uncomfortable to share their ideas to others. You need to understand that how things work, how the world works. Me personally, this world is all about curiosity. I am trying to understand the science of this world and understand the psychology among human beings with their "social and economic lives". Always keep this in mind that you are where you are right now and you can make a huge impact by just "DOING YOU"!!!!! Don't let anyone take advantage of you and you should make your dreams and ideas a reality. I would of course share my ideas to others and help make this world a much better place!!!!! I don't worry about any financial matters because I have much bigger things in mind to share rather than worrying about bunch of pieces of "green papers"!!!! You know what I mean..... I am pretty much intelligent enough to put these types of issues to rest.................... That is how this whole society indoctrinates you. They want you to live that typical lifestyle.... They want you to make you a slave and have anxieties, and eventually........ turn you into a ZOMBIE!!!!! That should not be happening!!!! You should stand up for yourself and be who you are. So, what I would strongly recommend you is pay of your debt first and then live the life of your DREAMS!!!!! First you need to have ideas of what you like doing. After you have your ideas, then plan what are you going to do with those ideas. You can keep yourself busy doing your slave job and paying those debt, meanwhile on your spare time always feel free to have your ideas and start to plan these ideas to make it your own future goals and business. Start sharing ideas with family, friends, and others and start discussing about it. It is really important to socially communicate with each other and have that true passion and love for one another. When you fully paid off all your debt, then start focusing on your dreams. By this time you have an awesome idea what you are really passionate to do. Now start focusing on your dreams on what you really like to do. You have enough knowledge on how to control your way of living. You are strong and motivated enough to follow your DREAMS and have GREAT IDEAS!!!! You now finally have mastered on your point in life and became SUCCESSFUL!!!!!  Don't let your ideas put to waste. Always aim for your DREAM JOB!!!!!! Make your ideas your own business!!!!! Life is too much precious too waste!!!!!!!