Mo' money, mo' problems

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Now that I've finally graduated and have a "grown-up job" it's SO eady to start feeling like I have tons of money (especially compared to my broke college days). I'm not exactly rollin in dough right now, but the paychecks keep coming and I'm finally starting to feel like I can breathe. Now this is where most of us start letting our guard down. We start buying more expensive things, eating out more (huge culprit), and getting those things we can now "afford." Don't be fooled! If you are still paying loans then this period of time is just 'the illusion of having money' phase of your life. As much as you can, try to keep living below your means. Buy the car that costs less. Get a home that is well under what you might actually qualify for and give yourself a low mortgage payment. Eat those cheap college meals. Better yet get healthy AND cheap by becoming a vegetarian. (I cut my grocery bills way down in grad school this way and haven't missed meat since. A tip within a's a meta-tip.) You don't necessarily want to stress yourself over this (because financial stress ain't too good for your health either) but if you can trick yourself into acting like you make less than you do and then put that money toward your loans you actually will transition into the 'I have real real money no-strings-attached' phase of life! So live like you've got less and you'll have less problems being one of them, way way sooner! (I hope this works for me!!)

Good luck to all