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Document created by shawnf on May 21, 2016
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One piece of money management advice I recommend to others is how to save money by shopping smart for textbooks. As textbooks can be a major expense, especially for those on a tight budget, getting the best price on textbooks is a must. Firstly, renting books at an online book retailer is generally cheaper than purchasing or renting books through a college bookstore. Although used, the textbooks I’ve received have always been in satisfactory condition and did not detract from me learning the material. Also, one must be aware that the sooner one begins shopping for textbooks, the more money one can save, as the price of textbooks via online rental stores gradually increase in price as the semester draws closer. You will also feel a sense of relief knowing that you have all of your required course materials ahead of schedule and have avoided any last minute headaches.

Next, to ensure you save the most money, you will need to compare the prices for your required texts among several different stores. Even when renting several texts from a single source and receiving a discount on shipping, you may find the total still exceeds that of renting from several different stores. Lastly, signing up for email promotions is a great way to receive discounts off of future rentals.

When you are finished with the semester, returning books is easy and returning shipping is free. You simply print and apply a shipping label, insert a provided packing slip, and drop the package off at the nearest postal service. By following these money management tips when shopping for textbooks, a student can save a significant amount on course materials throughout the student’s academic career.