Spend now regret later

Document created by catherineb_2 on May 21, 2016
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We can all get caught up in the money that we receive or the credit cards that we have. The best advice I got and it seems so simple is to never ruin your credit. We need our credit for everything that we want in the future. Homes, cars, business loans. You name it, everyone checks your credit. Unfortunately, we all have to use credit some how in order to get credit. The best way to make sure you keep your credit good is to pay off whatever you use the credit cards for right away. You want to pay off the balance with each monthly payment to make sure you are not paying interest. Interest is the worst. You can pay a certain amount of money to these credit card companies and then you check your available credit and its way less then what you payed. Its not fun to realize you are wasting your own money that you could use on a lot of other important things. My best advice is never get too over your head when it comes to credit. You want to make sure you aren't wasting your money and you want to make sure your credit score is good. Your credit is worth a lot more then you think it is.