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    As new students enter college for their first time it is essential to get advise as to how to manage their financing while attending. It is wise to ask as many questions as possible in regards to courses, credits and especially to financing available. When you first walk in, your first question probably would be, how is it that I am going to afford to go here? with the help of the financial adviser, this question could be as simple as taking Fed-Loans or applying for scholarships through non-profit organizations affiliated with the college itself. Remember that there is free money out there and the worst they can say is no. Keep trying to apply for these scholarships and apply with in their time limit in order to get your application out there to different non-profits, even private companies who's best interest is that you graduate!

     If you have to pull personal loans, your parents and family members would be able to help you obtain the necessary funding by applying with you as a co-signer on the loan, these loans get differed until 6 months after graduation, but the best advise I can give you is to borrow only what you need, your academic adviser would be able to give a pretty precise number as to how much is required per semester, remember you can always drop or add courses and the loans can be adjusted for you to borrow what ever amount is truly needed to be successful. This is a great option so you can plan ahead for books, meals and unexpected school expenses. Think consolidated and use as many resources as you can that is available to you through the career center and postings around the school, working part-time for the school can be beneficial and may be even crucial to your survival while attending college.

     There are many dis-concerns while attending, the difference can be a phone call, talk to your advisers, that is why they earn a paycheck, do not be afraid to ask question and above all learn how to strengthen your credit by not taking up unnecessary credit all at once. You can survive with out Credit Cards, the more credit you try to pull at once the worse it becomes to your credit score and that will affect the APR you will receive when borrowing from the bank or any other institution, remember that these companies are not in the business of loosing money, they are in the business of making money. Therefore, you might have to put that trip to Cancun on hold until maybe your Junior or Senior year!

Good luck on any of your future endeavors and remember to borrow smart and do not be afraid of putting in scholarship applications.