A Life-Changing Decision

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According to the Associated Press, a new poll finds that 2/3 of Americans would have a hard time coming up with $1,000 if they needed it right away. Pretty attention-grabbing right?


My life changed in the Fall of 2014, when I decided to find out how much I actually have to spend each month, subtract from my income, and create a savings plan out of the leftover. Have you ever looked back over months of work and wondered where the money went? I have, and even my friend who made good money, told me he too wondered.


So I decided to set a monthly savings goal. I had never really done this before, but I was determined to get on a path to my dream of buying a house. That very month I had an opportunity to grow into another position at work, which increased my pay. So I upped my monthly savings goal. A few months went by and at first it didn't seem to be much. Then I looked back after a few more months, and wow, my savings had at least doubled.


I am still trying to save faithfully, and a few lessons I've had to learn are to save FIRST after I pay my necessary bill. I transfer to savings before I spend the rest. I also learned to NOT TOUCH my savings account, but to think of it as off-limits. That way I didn't justify dipping into it and being right back where I started.


This is just a little bit of my story, but I've since at least tripled my savings, and am feeling much closer to my dreams.


It doesn't matter how little your income is, it's the PRINCIPLE of saving that works. According to the poll cited above, many in America who make much more than myself still can't scrap up $1,000 easily. YOU don't have to be one of those people. Take the first step to good financial habits, and let other doors open for you. Watch out for scams. Be wise and stay strong to your goals. I'm doing it - YOU CAN DO IT TOO.