Mind Over Matter

Document created by bognerba on May 20, 2016
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Since I am a single mother of two children, 15 and 9 years of age and a full-time college student (who won't settle for less than A's), money is something as valuable as gold or stocks and bonds. What I have found to work best for my family is to keep my money in the bank so I do not know exactly how much I have. This may sound like a very easy way to spend more than I can afford, but it all comes down to mind over matter. I do get a daily email stating my balance from my bank, which I do not check on a regular basis, only on a as need to know basis.

How it works: I have told myself that I am broke enough times that in my mind, I do not have money to spend. I do not check for deposits, so when I need money for a bill, I check my email and more often than not, have more money than I had any knowledge of, and usually enough to cover our expenses. Between the belief that I am always broke, and out of sight out of mind, we get along better than anyone would ever believe. This is really great when something unexpected pops up. I usually get a bit worried, until I check my account and then I just take care of it. It takes a lot will power and a great denial that you have money just sitting their needing to be spent.

If you allow yourself to believe what you are telling yourself, this is a very plausible, feasible way to take control of your money. Now everyone probably figures I have a job allowing for steady deposits and that is how it works. Let me tell you, I know this works because I have not had a job since September 15, 2015 and today is May 20, 2016. It is very difficult for our family, but their isn't much more I can do. I have applied to well over 50 jobs (I have actually lost count at this point), but to no avail. This is also not due to being picky. I have applied to everything from stocking shelves to management positions and anything in between. I just know I have a family counting on me so giving up is not an option. By going to college and receiving high marks, I know we are counting down the days to a better future.

Keep your chin up, walk proud, and what do you have to lose, give it a whirl. In the end you may surprise yourself at exactly what you are capable of. If I can do it in my situation, anyone can!

It just simply comes down to a solid case of mind over matter!