Prioritize & Set Goals

Document created by tashianaf on May 20, 2016
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I received financial advice from my very own father. He had realized that I was struggling on paying my bills and providing food for my daughter and I. I would always have to ask him for money. He wanted to sit down and talk to me about it because he figured something wasn't adding up. He knew I had a job and how much I made so he could not understand why I couldn't pay for anything. He asked me what I would usually spend my money on when I get paid. I told him I would spend it on shoes, going out to eat, and little things that I probably don't really need. I told him about a trip that I was planning on going on at the end of August but don't know how that will happen if I don't have any money saved. He told me the first step to do is to prioritize. If you know you have bills to pay, take care of those first before spending your money on material things. He told me the next step is to set a goal. To determine how much money you are willing to save and determine how to reach that goal. Those two things that he told me helped me out tremendously. Thanks to him, I now know how to manage my money better and have money saved toward my trip.