Budget, budget, budget!

Document created by mays on May 20, 2016
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When I got my first job at sixteen my dad sat me down and taught me how to budget my money, saving me from overspending and regret. Not everyone has a dad to teach them how, if you don't find someone who can or use the internet. Then once you make your budget stick to it! A budget will only help you if you follow it. Also don't buy into the "I need a credit card", if you make an emergency fund in your budget you'll find your emergencies will be easier to handle. The credit card companies don't want to help you, they only want your money and will make your life miserable if you get into debt with them. Live within your means, you might like that really expensive computer, iPhone, and so on, but really how will your life be if you buy that and are stuck paying it off for years? Live within your means now, save your money, and when you get out of school debt free or with little debt you'll have the money and freedom to live how you want while you're peers are stuck making monthly payments.