Having nice things in one hand or a diploma in the other.

Document created by mckenziec on May 20, 2016
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     It has always been difficult for myself and others around me to try to save money when we like to go out every weekend together and have fun. Since I've started back at school, the one thing on my mind has been about saving. We only go upwards after that. Without financial aid through college I pay for it out of pocket each semester. I feel as if it is better that way so that I have something to save for each semester instead of blowing the money that should go towards schooling. If theres ever a morning where I wake up and don't feel like going to class I think to myself, I've paid for this semester and I need to go or that's money going down the drain. My grandmother always told me to save for more important things in life because these little things we impulse buy only last for a short time. A College diploma will be for life and you will never second guess the money you put into it after you graduate.