The Greatest Man I Ever Knew

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     The greatest man I ever knew was named Orin Jackson Guthrie. He taught me many things in my thirty years on this earth. Some of his most valuable advice was about money. He was a firm believer in hard work and saving money. He became the man of his household around the tender age of fifteen. He took care of his mother and little brother by farming cotton on family land like his father and his father's father. He worked long hard days that started early and ended late into the evenings. With each crop he chose to store his money in CD loans, savings accounts with his local bank, and purchased insurance on his home, land, and himself. Orin, or Jack as he liked to be called, never bought anything that he could not afford. He and his family lived within a comfortable but modest means. He always told me that hard work helps you appreciate what you have and just because you have the money to spend did not mean you should always spend it. Saving and making a budget every month is key if you expect to remain out of debt, provide for your family, and have enough to sustain you in old age. He retired from active farming in his forties and passed away at the age of eighty-two. Jack was the very proof that his method of saving money pays off. He left his wife with a house in town, the family farmhouse and land, two vehicles, and enough money in the bank to live comfortably until she was ready to leave the remainder to their daughter and grandchildren. Jack may have had old fashioned techniques and values on making money, but he definitely knew what he was talking about. I will always be grateful for the advice I received and that I got to call the greatest man I ever knew Grandfather.

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