Dont ever take out a loan

Document created by emilyfeigler on May 19, 2016
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Student loans, they're the living grim reaper. Loans suck the life out of you but in America its sometimes the only way you can get through college. Taking out a loan is simple and can leave you dreading your life. My college experience has only been with scholarships I've received and i am so thankful for this. My sister is still living with her grim reaper loan and after being out of college for 7 years she is still paying off a small loan. My boyfriend attends PSU and has several loans taken out of way too much money and the stress it cause on him, just knowing that he has to pay back the money when he graduates is enough to make him want to drop out. Hoping that it pays off is such a risky move, hoping that once you graduate that you will land a good career with the degree you have studied for 4 years to receive and took out $20,000 just in the first year, its risky business. Student loans need to be dealt with and its a risky move but almost more than 95% of students have loans. My advice is to not let the grim reaper loan to suck the life out of you or to scare you away from getting a degree.