My new way to save money and be debt free

Document created by valeried on May 19, 2016
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I attended church and after church we have groups for young couples. One group was about saving money and becoming debt free. The first thing to do is stop using your credit cards and buy envelopes. Take the envelopes and lable them with every bill u pay. Next make one for spending money too. Make a budget. Iadded my student loan envelope also. Take a certain amount out of each check for all. Even if that only means u have five bucks in your spending envelope. If you don't have money in there you cant buy whatever it is you want. The plus side is that at the end of the week or two weeks you will have money going to student loans credit cards your house whatever it is you need to pay. If you do this and put your extra money on things like student loans u can be debt free , build your credit ,and eventually the things you have to wait on now you will be able to have later . IT takes alot of discipline to do this ,but since I have been I have been able to put 350.00 extra on my student loans . It might not sound like much but it does add up.