Start Your Own Company

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You don't always need a small business loans or large capitol to start your own company. You can also work a part time job or a full time job while you start your own organization. Your company may not be a business yet, however, you can receive tax benefits, student loan credits, mentoring, and development great management skills in the process.


I always had a dream of starting a company, but it didn't start to materialize, until I started to seek professional licenses. Once, I started obtaining licenses, I began get production contracts. Then I incorporated, now I need production workers to milk the money from the contracts.




There are drawbacks to my system. My under utilized licenses and contracts have been a sitting duck for others to bill their services who may not have licenses or corporations who have workers that don't have them. I have had a hard time with the IRS filing taxes. The IRS will not accept an electronic tax return from my social security number which has become a problem.




I increased the value of my licenses by increasing the level of credentials of my company, through my education. This comes at a hefty price. This is a good thing, because now my company has national recognition. I have attached my student loan debt to my professional licenses in order to stop license pirating. If I can recruit production workers on a commission basis, based on my contracts, I could be debt free in less than 36 months.