The journey of my life

Document created by philipo on May 19, 2016
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Well with me being a 21 year old college student. I've been having a tough start at life. On and off between part time jobs trying to find a job with my new fitness certification and my support system isn't the best to say the least but I've been able to manage all the negatives and turn them into positives by staying optimistic and ambitious about my goals and careers I currently am going through my mom being terribly sick and is on disability my younger brother is doing 22 years in prison and it hurts me because my other brother is left alone and he's only 16 it sucks to have to struggle but I guess it's the only way to build ourselves up I'm not looking for anyone to feel bad about my situation but at least look at it and treat it like any other I just wish I had the support to keep me on the right track also saving money has been fairly difficult