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As a 47 year old woman, prisoner's wife and mother of three grown children and one grandchild, who is finally able to pursue higher education, I have some words of wisdom to share.  I've had the conventional unhappy marriage, the good-paying career and plenty of opportunities to save over the years, which I didn't do.  Now, in a hurting economy, without that great job,  I find myself pursuing my dream of higher education that eventually leads to a law degree for humanitarian efforts.  I've been forced to not only scale down materialistically (everything I own now fits in a closet), I've scaled down in my expectations of what it means to have a satisfying and rewarding life.  I used to think happiness equated with a nice house, high-paying job, and the ability to vacation where I wanted.  I now realize after losing everything that in doing so I've gained it all - love, peace and my sanity.  Do not allow yourself to fall for the American Dream that requires lots of money.  True satisfaction is found in simplistic living (save a little each month), a passion to pursue knowledge and education, giving back to society, and having deeply loving relationships.  Don't buy the lie and drown in debt.  Don't live for "things," live for "others."