Look here, Money is really about your thoughts and desires in life.

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Money is a tool. Nothing more. It can be used to create or destroy. Protect or corrupt. Positive or negative outcomes.


Money is an exchange medium for the concept of value. Your personal thoughts and desires (which describe what you value in life) are the sole directors of how you utilize the tool of money and interact in this world. Look at your last 3 purchases. Look at your history of spending with tools like Mint.com. Look at where your savings are actually going. Look at some realistic goals/spreadsheets for yourself regarding this month, this year and the next 5 years. Do your transactions align with that which you truly find worth and value?


Make a spreadsheet for every goal. Make a mission statement. Make a master plan for your life. Do this to remember why you live and build upon your values. If an expense doesn't line up with your goals, don't spend it!


Money will either serve you to achieve your goals, or it will master you to achieve its goals. So, choose today to become a master over this tool and get what you want out of life at the same time. Money doesn't bring you happiness or fulfillment. The mastering of money will bring you both.


Reading a lil helps too. Currently reading Mastering the Game by Tony Robbins.

You got this,

Dr Ryan Treviño