Today's Pleasures May Mean Tomorrow's Woes

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The best advice someone should have gave me was don't be tempted by all the things you want in the moment. Use your money wisely during college because even though you might have planned a good budget, after one splurge you could find yourself in a heap of financial trouble.

Case in point: I worked all through college to pay for my necessities and would always budget to make sure I was saving more than I was spending. Some back information is that I have anxiety and OCD and have been involved in various treatments. Animals always seem to be the best free treatment I could get. With my parents seemingly headed for a divorce 10 months after my Dad's rare cancer diagnosis, I was longing for some temporary relief of my worries. I decided on a Sphynx cat because I'm allergic to animal hair. I wanted one so bad that I went with the first person I found selling a Sphynx. Long story short, this person jipped me $850, they really didn't have a cat, and I no longer had enough means to pay for all my necessities.

One moment of anticipating short term pleasures turned into a whole summer of barely passing by and being more stressed than before. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my cat Luna, but I wish someone would have encouraged me to wait to indulge in short term rewards. I hope everyone takes this advice; once you're done with college and have a stable job, then indulge. Four years isn't that long and you're going to want to make your college experience as stress free as possible.