"Do you really need that ??"

Document created by angelicadamimen on May 19, 2016
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The best advice that has worked for me is "the difference between a need a want " . Sometimes we're impulsed to buy things just out of pure desire when in reality we have no real use for it . In these type of situations it's important that we can differentiate between money well spent and money lost. For example, I like to shop for clothing and I use to catch myself purchasing repetitive items that really serve no purpose other than expanding my clothing collection. Now I instead of making the decision of purchasing any particular item, I walk around the store with this item and I think to myself will I really make use of this and is it worth the money. Thanks to that method of selecting what's really worth my money I've saved a couple bucks and have learned to take full use of the things I buy . It's nice to occasionally buy things you want but buying necessities is by far more beneficial to you as whole . Buy limiting your unnecessary purchases you save money, learn to value our belongings, and definitely lessen our waste. So next time you want to eat out for the 6th time this week ...just don't and maybe go next month !