Stay in your lane

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It is important that we have a budget and stick with it. It can be tempting, when we see others buying big beautiful homes, shiny cars and the latest in trendy clothes. But, it is important to remain focused and keep on track. If it is not in your budget to buy a new home, don't go into debt trying to do so, stay in your lane of finance, home ownership, rental, etc..In  this, you will find yourself to be more at peace with your life and your goals. If paying down your loans is priority and they should be, among other things, then buying a new car is out of the question. If the car you have is paid for (mine is), still runs and well maintained, keep it and put the money you would have used for payments toward your loans, etc....


It can be discouraging to see that everyone else is passing you on the track, that is okay. I am reminded of the rabbit and turtle story. Yes, the rabbit was faster, but because he under estimated the turtle's slower pace to complete the race, rabbit fell asleep and lost. So, while others seemingly are moving at a  faster pace stay focused (even at a slower pace), you will meet your goals. The operative word is "your." Your goals, your priorities, your lane will help you win your race.