Be Impeccable With Your Money!

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  Be impeccable with your money! Stressing over how to save another dollar in the short term, can be a sure way of losing more than you bargained for in the long run. In our financial ecosystem, the money/sacrifice you put into it often reflects what you will subsequently have as returns. If you can learn to equate your contribution to the marketplace as a contribution to an important relationship, you can more easily be faithful and less stressed. Relationships have the effect of reaping great returns when you bring commitment, respect, and a sense of honor to them. When you begin to look at your loan, utility, or credit card bills as people who deserve respect from you as a committed partner, your integrity will be brought to the forefront and the emotional sting your bills once had, will be replaced with a sense pride and dignity.

     This practice has, for a short season of my life, been my own. It is driven from the yearning to live a meaningful and impacting life. From it, I've retained the trust of friends and family when it comes to financial scenarios. As a loyal paying customer, various vendors have invested in me as much as I have invested in them. Most of all, I can sleep at night knowing that I have valued another person to the extent I would like to be valued when providing the best service I possibly can give.

     Money often times is used as the measurement of success. If you fall into the "success" trap, you unfortunately will find yourself measuring yourself to others, and that rarely ever helps one to attain financial peace. The unilateral position of measuring yourself to others will often lead one to undercutting the vary society/economy you are a part of and indeed leave you a very lonely person.

     Durring my first year of marriage I did everything I could to save a dollar and I often told my wife the many things we couldn't afford due to our low income. Money would have successfully broken our marriage if I didn't learn how to place more value in people instead of things. Perhaps you've put a price-tag on the "things" of your family and it has secluded you from experiencing healthy financial relationships under your own roof. I'm writing this to attest that if you have, it's okay and you still have the time to contribute positively to the economy which binds us all together.

     We are all shareholders in this great big world. Your money goes much farther than you can imagine and it often comes right back to you. If you give nothing, you will eventually have nothing. In short, I suggest for you to "pay it forward" and focus on honorable principles instead of your account balance.