Learn How to Cook

Document created by williemj on May 19, 2016
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We all know that in our college years, fast food was one of our good friends. It was there when you needed it and good when you wanted it. Fast food may be that good salty taco or the perfect juicy burger, but it's not only bad for our bodies, it's bad for our bank accounts too. On average, I spent about $5 on every meal when eating out and that's if I didn't go to a real restaurant. I would end the week spending close to $100 and started to notice that I was near to being broke. I remember calling my mom crying because I couldn't go @out to eat with friends and she only said, "Start cooking." Now, I'm not a genius in the kitchen and I hate cleaning up afterwards, but when she explained to me how she went through the same thing I knew I had to try. She sent me $150 along with a lengthy grocery list of items to buy. PB&J, ground beef, bread? That was all easy, but salmon, chicken breast and asparagus seemed impossible. Even though I broke a sweat and thought I was going to have a panic attack, I cut down on price by buying some store brand items and made it out with everything. I started using YouTube videos and online recipes to learn how to cook and survive. I think that if I'd known how much of a difference cooking for myself could make on my bank account, I would've been able to go to Disney world or Hawaii by now, but I'm glad I know now. Learn how to cook for yourself. It'll make your wallet a little fatter and surely you'll be happier too.