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     Have you ever heard the saying "More Money, More Problems," I have and at first I thought it was just something people who had money said. It's true money is pure evil because people who don't have it want it and those that have it flaunt it. In order to get the necessities in life you have to have money to pay for it, but the image that so many people want to betray usually winds up in debt. If someone would have told me to make wiser decisions and be careful with whom you give money to, I would be way better off then what I am. I started working when I was 16 and it was great because I had no bills so all my money went to me and want I wanted, but I have always been a saver and wanted to put money up. Eventually I got into a relationship with someone who wanted to display the high life to everyone but didn't contribute in order to have that. I gave him so much that he didn't have and wasn't used to that he got greedy and wanted more and started asking for more expensive things. I also have four children and make sure they have what they need is a bit much so that saving that I was so used to do was no more and I found myself getting loans and trashing my credit in order to stay a float. I was living paycheck to paycheck and running from debt after debt. While in school I realized that all the loans they where offering me I really didn't need because I knew I had to one day pay it back. It was great because it helped me catch up on bills but then my boyfriend once again became greedy and started encouraging me to go to school and at first I thought he was being really supportive but then I found out he just wanted me to get the loan money so he can buy unnecessary stuff. Finally I was able to get a job where I'm making good money and don't need government assistance. Its always wanted I wanted, to be able to provide for me kids without food stamps, but with all the debt that I have accumulated its like I'm still living paycheck to paycheck. The more money I make the more people want to take because they feel you can afford it. So my advice here is be careful who you get involved with, budget your money and don't take out unnecessary loans if you really don't need them. Be smart with your money choices and also with your education, buy what you can afford not want you think you can afford.