Hold That Thought

Document created by ramagelle on May 19, 2016
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The life-long habit of wanting something and buying it whether or not it was practical, or beneficial, has been a tough one to break. I could always talk myself into the purchases, thinking of all the reasons i should have them, but never considered trying to talk myself out of purchasing! Several years ago I was finally successful in acheiving a weight loss goal and have kept off the weight for 3 years now. In order to keep the weight off, one of the main things I've had to learn is how to resist cravings. All my life, if i craved a food, I went and bought it immediately if I didnt have it. Once i got to the store, it was a done deal. I went in, bought it and consumed it immediately if it was food. One main thing that has changed is my self talk in the process. Now, if a find myself at a store, I will pick up an item i want and walk around the store looking at other alternatives, being very mindful that my inner dialogue includes both the pros and cons of the possible purchase. I would say that this works at least 90% of the time now, with food or material items!