Free Yourself From Fear to Free Yourself From Debt

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Debt without a gameplan is crushing precisely because it never seems to have an endpoint. The more debt you have, the more tempting it is to throw your hands up, avoiding the issue as you dig yourself deeper into the red. We tell ourselves it's easier not to think about it, so we sidestep looking at the numbers in our accounts, hoping we will magically save money and the problem will go away on its own.


One of the most important lessons I learned was to face the problem without fear--look at the numbers, and know them well. Being aware of my numbers increased my financial agency; instead of feeling overwhelmed by thousands of dollars in debt, I started to think of it as being able to pay a specific amount each month to work down the debt. It was about looking at it in a positive light instead of a negative one. Rather than being "worth" -$XXX,XXX money, I was putting $XXXX towards debt each month, and on a slow, but steady path to financial solvency.


Like anything else in life (dieting and exercise comes to mind!), solutions are rarely instantaneous, and are most successful when you display a mindfulness and understanding about how to achieve your goals in small, measurable increments.