Live with your means

Document created by michelle_3 on May 19, 2016
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One thing I have learned over the years, is to live within your means. As a college student I have to be remind myself that I am on  a tight budget. Always create a budget of how much are your bills and how much money is in your account. That way you can see what you have to spend or how much more you have come up with to meet your needs. Another thing I do is pay bills ahead of time. If I have a certain amount of money for rent. I will go ahead and pay the rent up for the semester. That way I don't get tempted to spend money I don't have. It's important to utilize the resources around you too. If you find yourself low on food budget, look for food banks on your campus and in the community. By using these resources it will help to supplement dry goods so you can spend your budget money on  fresh veggies and meat. I know it can be hard to not be able to buy the things we love or that we are use to having our parents buy, but once you are done with college and off to a great paying job you will be able to budget in some of things you love!