Watch Your Pennies and Your Dollars Make Themselves

Document created by brianb_2 on May 19, 2016
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I was told at a young age by a local wise business man that the easiest way to save money and be comfortable was to "watch your pennies and your dollars will make themselves." In short, he meant that saving pennies (or dollars) little by little, comparing prices of equivalent products, and simply not buying some things that you really didn't need would surprise me in how far my money would go. This simple advice has taken me far as I have paid my own way through college so far (4years) by working hard in the off season and budgeting during the school year. Sure, maybe I would LIKE to go out more often than I do, but staying home for the evening and cooking with a small group of friends or just for myself is much more efficient. For example, I can go to the grocery store, get a pound of hamburger, a box of hamburger helper, and some fresh vegetables for $7 and make SEVERAL meals, or go out to eat ONCE for $7(if I'm lucky) for a meal that probably isn't as good as home-cooking. Another easy way to save is "do I really need that soda/sugary beverage or snack?" Not only are they getting close to averaging $2 per 20oz bottle, but sugary drinks have been proven to be addicting and detrimental to dental health which can easily cost hundreds! When shopping for groceries/household supplies, checking the price per unit/oz may take a little more time than grabbing the go-to item, but comparing generic brands to brand name products can save big. You may even be surprised sometimes when the "Walmart" brand is more expensive! Buying in bulk (toilet paper, paper towels, food, etc) can often times bring BIG savings, cutting a product price per unit by 25%. All of these LITTLE savings add up to extra money in your pocket like throwing coins in a jar. The savings made may not be immediately what a person would desire, but taken into a year's time or more WILL stretch your money and help you learn to get the best "bang for your buck."