Advice I can give from my experience "Adulting"

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Never move into an apartment that rent will be a whole paycheck. (Trust me, I did it and I still can't figure out how I got by.) Cook your own meals instead of eating out. It could be around $1000 in savings each month! If you get a raise and are comfortable living with your previous salary, put the amount of your raise into a direct deposit savings account. You were living fine without that money before so you can keep going on that amount while saving! Keep up with any debt payments (credit cards, student loans, personal loans). These payments should always be covered before you make plans for that weekend getaway. Save up enough to cover 3 months of bills. This will keep you from getting into a pickle should anything happen to your current employment situation. Cut back on things you don't need. Subscription boxes, streaming music and movies, that gym membership you pay for every month but haven't been since you got the membership. All of these things add up and you could cancel the membership or subscription and apply the amount you were paying directly to your savings account. This is much more beneficial for your future than a Netflix marathon or a box of make-up each month. By saving early, you are able to experience a lot more later on without stressing about money. The world is your oyster.