It Doesn't Pay to Use School Loans

Document created by robins_1 on May 19, 2016
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In my experience it is best to avoid the use of all school loans as it can take a decade or more to pay off! If you've got one foot stuck in paying for your past, you'll never have the mobility to move forward into the future that you hope for as life's issues always crop up and you will find yourself spinning your wheels in a field of debt. This is what happened to us when my husband lost his job and returned to school. As hind sight is always 20/20, when I lost my job I did not and have not used school loans to finance my education. Before starting school, I had determined that I would avoid it at all 'cost' as the payments are usually huge and there's no forgiveness with government school loans. Remembering how physically restrained we were in light of what it felt like to be free of those payments was a strong influence for me in not borrowing money. If I can save anyone from this choke hold with my warnings to detour from paying for school this way, then I've succeeded in what I wanted to do today. Learning to live within your means is really important and I don't think that we, as Americans, really do that. It's important to be able to distinguish between 'want' and actual 'need.' It also takes some practice to train your way of thinking to become like this. I have purposefully avoided all temptations such as: window shopping, online shopping, catalog shopping, etc., when the money isn't there. I've also determined what I can actually get by with or make work in the absence of something else. It's become like a game to me and I'm winning at it! I have six classes left before graduation and I plan to finish strong not only academically but financially!! I think that in not having that huge cloud of debt looming over my head has even helped me to mentally succeed in school. So, my concluding encouragement to you today is to "soar into your future after school by not allowing yourself to wallow in the mire and muck of school loan debt!"  ☺