Easiest and most manageable way to build long-standing credit

Document created by jenniferb_4 on May 19, 2016
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Easiest way to build credit that I have found?  Open up a gas card, such as Mobil or Sunoco.  I opened one when I turned 18 years old and having that card for the last 22 years essentially created long, good standing credit the entire time.  Because it is restricted to gasoline purchases, I can't go super crazy in spending, like I've done with Visa and Master Card in the past.  I have fallen into the trap of credit cards time and time again, but have found my gasoline card to not only be extremely useful, but manageable over the years in terms of payments. All of the "deals" offered by the major credit card companies sound great, but over time, I have found that changing cards, closing accounts, and transferring balances only hurts my credit scores.  Limiting myself to one gas card (Mobil), one store card with a reasonable limit (Target), and one major card with a reasonable limit (Capital One) has gotten me into a place where I am able to have a good credit score and get the important things needed, such as a vehicle and a home.  I know too many people who are continually making the credit card jumps, and eventually close out all of their account, but unless you live in a city with constant public transportation use, who couldn't use a gas card?