Credibility or Debt

Document created by danami on May 19, 2016
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I was always under the assumption that taking credit would ruin my financial status. The thinking was I would always have that debt,  carrying that weight, it would never go away. I would be a granddad before it was paid off. My children would suffer because of it. It really scared me and for along time I would not take a student loan but tried to pay for college on my own. It did not always work and a job position came up that paid me a little more money then I had at the time so I took it. That was a mistake for me. It got me so that I was tied down in so many ways with social life, marriage, and work environment, and my financial debt accumulated. I was finally convinced by my Mother that credit was credibility and that I could do anything by using credit wisely and by using it to build up my financial status, and paying off student loans, so that they did not become a debt monster. I took her advice and do not have student loans to pay off and am all caught up on them. I also am going to school and finishing my degree because of using credit wisely and not letting it become a hindrance to me in my life but a stepping stone in the right direction.