Saving for College

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People often think of going into college before they think about saving for the classes. In their senior and junior years of high school they are being told to find a college, to think about what they want to go into for their major. They apply to different colleges before even thinking about the cost. But why are they not being taught how to save money? Why are these high schoolers being told to think about college before thinking of starting to save for it? when you don`t save money for college you end up applying for financial aid, but what if you don`t get any grant or scholarships? What if you end up having to take out loans to pay for your classes? Taking out thousands of dollars in loans can prove to be really damaging to your financial health after you graduate. My advice is for parents to teach their kids about the importance of saving money. The parents of these kids should start up a small savings account for their child while they are young, maybe putting $10 or $20 a month and once the child is old enough to get a job have them keep adding money into the savings account. By doing this they will not have to necessarily take out loans, they will be more likely to be able to afford college without having to go into debt later in life. High schools should also start offering classes to teach about the benefits of saving up for money before going to college. If you disagree with the importance of this i encourage you to go to any college and ask students how much they had to take out in loans in order to afford to go to school. How much in debt they`ll be after college. And how much they wish they had a better understanding of the importance of saving money. If you disagree ask the students who have graduated college, talk to the ones who had to apply for financial aid, the ones who had to take out thousands of dollars in loans and you will see the importance of teaching high schoolers to save their money before college.