Lacking Common Cents

Document created by zack on May 18, 2016
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Here's the scoop: Money is like food; the more I see how it effects me, the better off I am.

I discovered a few years ago that having a budget it a lot like having a meal plan. By seeing the effect of what I'm spending or eating, I can make positive changes. Thanks to the efforts of my family, I created a budget that gave me a way to visualize things like savings, bills and disposable income, I could frame my financial mindset around success rather than stress.

Having a budget might sound intuitive or even second nature but to me, visualizing my behavior enabled a strong view on the future. Having a budget doesn't solve all my problems, I still buy things I don't need and slip up from time to time but knowing the results of these behaviors keeps me on my toes. Now, I'm actually able to plan for the future and still enjoy the present.

In addition, creating a budget is a way of strengthening problem solving skills. For me, this has always been a struggle. Since then, I've gotten better at solving problems large and small.

Overall, Thanks and good luck out there!!