Think About It

Document created by vincentn on May 19, 2016
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I have always been told to think about making that next purchase.  Is it really something that I absolutely need, want, or just for the idea of having this item.  As a teen and young adult, there are way too many temptations out there, so a lot of times, as a teen you may be tempted to just buy it for the sake of having it.  This is an important decision to be made because if this is a big ticket item, is this something I can live with for years to come or by tomorrow I'm finished with it.  Also, another factor is quality of the item, is it a solid, long lasting product or is it a cheap, fall apart in a week or two item?  This can play a role in the research and thought process of making that purchase. 

I for one try to look at all sides of the major purchase before I take that next step, because tomorrow you may need that hundred dollars for something important and fundamental and not necessarily a quick, I need it now, fix.  My car may need an oil change, so that I can get to work or school and not necessarily need that newest pair of Ray Bans to look and feel cool. I may not have my job and the income coming in may not always be there, so I have to think long and hard as far as, do I really need to go to the movies and dinner with a group of friends for a few hours of fun and pleasure?  Or do I offer to have the friends stop by and have a few chips and dips and watch a Red Box or Netflix movie at home?  

These are everyday things that I think about.  Because you never know where the road to tomorrow will lead and if there will be any money coming in to keep the lights on, food on the table, gas in the car, and any other event that happens in daily life, from happening.  So my motto, since I was a little kid, has been to Think About It, before I take that next step.