House be gone

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I wish someone would have told me that helping out family does not necessarily benefit you in the short or long-term. My mother needed some help so I used my credit cards to get her what she needed and gave her money for other things. Things really spiraled out of control for her, being the sole provider of her household. Part of our deal was that she would pay me to make the payments on the credit cards she made purchases on. She started paying me late which made me pay the bills late.


During this time I was house searching. Found amazing houses on the second trip out. Perfection. I was told the estimated amount of mortgage, insurance and other elements that would consist of the monthly amount I would have to pay for the houses I was looking at. I was confident I could pay them because they were basically the amount I was paying for rent. Unfortunately, having late payments reduces your credit score, which reduces the amount of money you can be loaned for a house. Even though I could make the payments without a good credit score I missed out on the perfect houses. My dream crushed and years later, rent is now more than I would have paid for the house. Perfect!