Money can't buy happiness

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There are, and will continue to be, endless submissions about the dangers of boring money. There are roughly 1 million things you can get wrong and even more ways you may end unhappy with your choice. Every individual giving you advice is also warning you. And their is some truth to this caution. One must be responsible, one must be considerate of oneself and ones future, but my "financial advice" is this: stock piles of money cannot buy happiness. Be educated with money decisions, be considerate, even be loving as you decide how to best spend, borrow, and save your money, but above all, engage in the money game. DO borrow, DO spend, DO save, DO pay back, DO use, DO engage in wall-street stock training.... Well.... DO collect, DO refinance. It took me a long time to learn this, but to engage in the money game is always better than to not. our society, professions, education, retirements, etc are built on this idea. A degree of liberality with your finances is not only psychologically healthy, it is financially healthy. Ever heard moving money stimulates economy? Well moving dept, dept collection, and the goods, services, and educations you do is actually stimulating your relationship with yourself, our economy, and our society as a whole.


My student loans gave me an education I love. The dept I am paying back gives me a credit score lending character that allows me to get a loan to buy a house. My varied lines of credit – business loan, loan against motorcycle, and car loan – actually put me in a better position to keep the money I do have and use it to invest better, to save better, to spend better.


Without the tag line, my advice is this: take it easy. Money is important, but its not as important as it seems, it is a game our society has created so that you can get moving on with your life. Play the game, know the rules, and get moving in your life. Yes mistakes will be made, you'll forget to pass go and collect two hundred, and you'll roll doubles three times and end up stuck for a while. But dept isn't as bad as one would think, and a stock pile of money isn't either. Money can't buy happiness – if fact, your more likely to rent it!


Advice from a once impoverished ghetto child from the streets of LA now turned 31 year old Family Therapist thinking of buying a house.


P.S. I wrote this post without a proofreader, I am dyslexic and my grammar/spelling/and use of words is often a bit off the mark of academic excellence. Today, I'm hoping to avoid being evaluated on my use of English.