The Real Consumer

Document created by marcuss on May 17, 2016
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Everyone who has watched most T.V. shows would have seen recurring themes about the consumption of money.  By consumption I don't mean spending of money, but the actual consumption that money has over any individual or group of individuals.  For example, Walter White is the main character of the show "Breaking Bad" (and for those who haven't seen the full show, I'll try to leave out any spoilers during this topic), and the story goes that Mr. White is an over-qualified chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and ultimately becomes a meth cook in the attempt to leave his family financially stable after he would be dead.   In the beginning of the show, Walter seems to have everything planned out and calculated perfectly not to fail, but it grew apparent after the show progressed and his plans repeatedly fell apart that somehow along the way he lost control of what he started.  I believe that what caused Walter to veer off the steady path was the consumption of or by money.  Money turned him greedy, rewarded his pride, and ultimately caused him to break in a bad way (hence the title of the show).  For those who've seen the show or are watching it then you must understand where I'm coming from.  It may seem obvious, but sometimes we lose grip of ourselves and make rash decisions when money is a factor within a situation.  So my advice is to remember to slow down and take a deep breath whenever money becomes a problem.  Converse with your family or anyone involved in the issue and don't place blame on anyone including yourself; try your best to reason the situation without arguing.  Lastly, try to hold a tight grip to the things that money can't buy, so that when money becomes a problem you still have a stable anchor on something outside the money hole where a part of you cannot be consumed.