treat urself!! (moderately)

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    Being a broke art student, I know a lot about the stress of money and being too scared to spend any of it.It took me a couple years until I could find the right balance between saving and spending. My advice is that being smart with your money doesn't automatically mean being a stingy, penny-pincher. You are allowed to treat yourself to a nice bubble tea or fancy donut occasionally! Obviously, you don't want to go overboard with the treats to the point where you're buying deluxe smoothies every day, but allowing yourself one special purchase a week can be doable, and also gives you something to look forward to. Maybe if you have a really tough class or have to wake up super early, you could buy yourself a mega-sized delicious sugary coffee with extra whipped cream that day. Suddenly your class might not seem as unbearable and you will feel good about your sweet purchase!

    The key to money management is balance, it's important to be smart about what your purchasing, but it doesn't mean all the fun has to be sucked out of life. So the next time you're stressing over whether or not to buy that really good-looking ice cream sundae because you're freaking out over finals, go for it!! Also, it's a commonly known fact ice cream reduces finals stress by 50%.