Is This New Dress/Shoe Really Necessary??

Document created by ashou on May 17, 2016
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                 I know how difficult it might be to see that new sparkly dress or this hot pair of shoes and not want to just grab it. I have been in that situation where after I finished buying these stuff, I realize that I had something even more important to spend the money on. and when this happen, the first question that pops in my mind is : "Was it really necessary to spend that money?" So now I have to find a lot of crazy excuses to give myself, just to take the idea of me wasting that money out of my guilty mind. Has any of you been in that situation? If not, well you are one lucky person. and if it did happen to you once or twice (or you still can't stop yourself from doing it lol), just remember this :" after you are done paying that money, would you be really satisfied with the outcome? Would you be really happy to know that you just spent money on something while you have something way more important that you may not have left over funds for?". Too much talking lol, just ask yourself this: " IS IT REALLY NECESSARY????".