52 Week Money Challenge

Document created by jakira on May 17, 2016
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A year is constituted of 52 weeks, everyone knows that, but those 52 weeks can increase your finances for the following year. The 52 Week Money Challenge is something that I did the year before going to college. You start off Week One by saving $1; then Week Two you save $2; Week Three you save $3, etc., until you reach the last week of the year, Week 52, when you'd save $52. Once you complete the challenge, your savings would add up to $1,378, for whatever you want to spend it on, being a college student it covered the cost if books for my freshman yea, along with food from outside sources. This challenge is something that I love because you never really look at how the weeks can effect your income in a positive manner. Saving up this way helps show you exactly how much you should have, how much you will have, and when you will have it, you are in full control of your finances.