My zero cents to two cents

Document created by lindseyc_13 on May 17, 2016
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     Growing up, money has always been an issue with my family. I was raised by a single father who did not always have a job to support the two of us. His parents provided us a trailer to live in for many of my childhood years. Only when I did not have money for lunch some weeks did I realize we were in poverty. I realized at a young age that I would need to get a job in order to save up money. After school in 11th and 12th grade I worked in a grocery store to spend on gas and to save up for college. Neither of my parents went to college, and they surely could not give me any financial advise; so I learned to use that to my financial advantage. Though my father does not pay for much, I let him claim me on his taxes. Since he makes a very low income, I am highly eligible for financial aid. So, though he could not pay for my school, he helped me get some of the money I needed for school. I have applied for financial aid every year and have received it every year. I have also had a part-time job to help pay for food, gas to school, and the books and other resources I need for school. My financial advise to you is to work hard and apply for scholarships. You will not get any money from the government and/or scholarships if you do not apply. If you have any extra money left over from your job and/or scholarships, I would suggest to place that into a savings account from a credit union. This will help you make big future purchases by saving some money.