Goodbye Money Woes

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My money woes started when I became a young, single mother at the  age of nineteen. I thought becoming a mother without a proper education was a job that I could take on and conquer single-handed, boy was I wrong. As I struggled to raise my son, living off 180.00 a month, I quickly became indebted to everyone I came in contact with. Not only is being in debt debilitating, it is also depressing. For years I struggled to get out of debt, just to find myself back in debt yet again; everywhere I went and everything I did, my money woes followed me like the plague! It wasn't until I completely succumbed to debt that I decided to make a "get out of  money debt change". Fast forward twenty years later, after going from one dead-end job to the next, I decided to enroll in college to better my future with a good paying job, and although I have incurred some debt from school, I know that becoming successful in a career that I love will allow me to live and pay off my debts comfortably. The money advice that I got from my son (who is now thirty-one years old), was to monitor my credit. In the past I assumed that if I pretended not to see the "elephant in the room," he would go away. I now monitor my credit report with one of the major online credit reporting websites, and have a clear view as to what is on my report, who's looking at my report, and what my overall scores are and helpful tips that can aid me in bettering my score. I am so glad that my son did not follow in my bad credit footsteps, and was able to help me with a straightforward plan that will improve my overall credit health. I also love the tips and credible information that the SALT website offers.