Saving on books!

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     Supplies are one of the most expensive things wen you go to school- especially when it comes to textbooks! Luckily, I am here to help you out and share some tips and tricks!

     First, check with students who have taken the course with the same professor before. Ask about how often the books are used and how relevant they are.

     Second, check your local library to see if they have your textbook or if another library does that can get it sent to you. If you have your own library card you can have the book for a few weeks plus more time if you renew before the due date! Extra bonus: have a family member request the book when it's almost due- just make sure you return it on time!

     Third, if it isn't available at your library- check the on-campus library! They often have copies of textbooks on hand- sometimes the professors even request that the school library has many copies. A lot of places will let you take out the books with your student id as long as you don't have fees on your account, or you can just borrow it for the few hours on campus you have class.

     If the book is not available for lending from any library, check the internet for cheaper prices. Sometimes you can find a lightly used book on amazon or bigwords. Check if there's any facebook groups in your area or for your school that has students selling their old textbooks- they usually are motivated to help you out!

     Another thing most schools offer is renting the book- you pay a smaller price to have the book for the semester and return it when you're done. Just make sure you return it on time!

     If you find you absolutely have to buy the book because it's the latest volume or it was written by the professor, make sure you check the school's buy back day- you can get most of the money you used to purchase the textbook back if you kept it in good condition!


That's all I have for now- now go out there, be educated and don't break the bank!