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It is every college students dream to win the lottery. All tuition would be covered. No more books would have to be left out just because we don't have the money. The student would have money for all sorts of free time spending. For me however, I would just like to come across a $100 bill laying on the ground. The bottom line is college is expensive. Trying to pay off tuition, room and board, books, free time enJohnny, etc. is a huge pain. I am constantly finding myself in a struggle to pay thing off. The be strategy I have found is to eat less and to eat at home more. I find myself trying to save money by eating pb&j or turkey sandwiches at least five days of the week. I have still yet to find the best method of saving money, but one piece of advice I can give is every little bit matters. Next time you are at the store wanting to buy that cool bottle opener that is only $5 just think, could I use this money elsewhere? Nine times out of ten the person will buy it anyways, but I encourage you not to. Save every cent you can.