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I have never been very good with money, my family has a long history of unwise spending and lack of saving. So, when my daughter was born I decided to change that. I couldn't really afford to move money from checking to savings AND pay bills, I couldn't cut any bills out because I was already at the bare minimum. Moving in with family wasn't an option, considering they all live on the other side of the country, and I was already working 40+ hours per week. So, I decided to save a little at a time by.... using cash to do grocery shopping, etc. Instead of using my card, I would use cash and save whatever change I got back. I started out by saving only the coins. That is literally all I could afford to save. Then as she got older, she's 3 now, and she became able to help around the house, I started letting her put her own clothes away and clean up her own room. She would get whatever coins and the $1 bills I had in my wallet at the time. We continue to do this today and she has saved over $200 now. When I get paid, I figure out all of my bills and schedule payment dates, then make sure I have at least $10 to put in savings before figuring out our grocery budget.


My dad tried to save coins when I was younger, but he couldn't afford to do it long. He had to use our savings to pay bills. I learned from him how to go slowly with saving. He tried to save too much at one time and got behind on bills, so I altered the plan a little. So far, it's working great! I no longer work 40+ hours a week, my credit score is going up, my debt is going down, and I have even been able to start paying my student loans. The best part? I start nursing school in August and won't have to work more than 1 day a week!


I hope this can help someone else come to the financial stability that my family has now found.