A Fortunate Second Chance

Document created by marpai on Dec 6, 2015
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    Hello, my name is Marc Brown. I recently graduated from high school, and here is my story about overcoming a financial situation.

    My family has never been known for any wealth associated with currency. Through my lifetime I have seen the struggles financial instability can cause one. Due to this I decided to attend Central Piedmont Community College, as it was a smart, cheaper alternative for taking basic prerequisite classes at the same cost as a 4-year university. I was very ecstatic to start my freshmen year of college and everything that came along with it, or so I thought. I was very ignorant as to how financial aid worked, and to how fast financial aid was applied to ones student tuition. One week before my classes started, each and every class I had registered for had been dropped due "failure of payment". When I researched for my classes, they had all already been taken up. I became overwhelmingly flustered because in high school I never knew what I wanted out of my future, so I never put much effort into school. Now that I graduated, I decided I wanted to go into cyber security. After I had decided what my future goal was, I became determined to do well in college and make something out of myself. It was very unsettling seeing all my classes being dropped due to my financial situation. I really did not want to take a semester off due to something as unfortunate as not having enough money to pay for my classes. Luckily for me, I was able to transfer to another community college in Charleston, South Carolina, where after one semester I now have my financial aid squared away, as well as obtaining and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. This story goes to show that your financial situation should never stop you from pursuing your goals. That if you are dedicated enough, you can overcome your financial struggles and receive the rewarding satisfaction of independence and self growth. What you get in this world is equivalent to what you put out. In my case, I put out the most hardworking self I could with ambition and determination, and what I got out was equally pleasing.

    I hope you enjoyed  this story and found it either touching or inspiring! Thank you for your time.