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Braces have been my best investment yet. My teen years were difficult. I hated smiling because I didn't want anybody to see my teeth. When I laughed I used my tongue and when I talked I used my lip to hide my teeth. I was told that I would  need braces when I was in middle school. My mom disagreed she always said I had the best teeth in the family. I knew my parents couldn't afford braces with no insurance. My parents would have had to pay all of it out of pocket. Although I really wanted braces I never pressed the issue, but it was always at the back of my mind. I knew one day I would have braces.


My sophomore year in high I was employed as a computer teacher at a non profit. I taught classes to  kids in elementary and middle school. During my employment at this organization I learned communication, teamwork, leadership. I learned life skills I wasn't being taught at school. Financial literacy was one of the most important skills I gained. I was given the opportunity to open and IDA (Individual Develpment Plan) account. This account matched every dollar I saved up to a thousand. I was ecstatic and knew exactly what I wanted to save for. I was able to save up three thousand plus the thousand they matched for a total of four thousand. All the money went to paying for my braces. I felt proud, I didn't know anyone my age who had paid for their own braces.


Braces changed my life. "The shortest distance between two people is a smile." - Victor Borge