The Struggle

Document created by caitlynr on Dec 19, 2015
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                          The Struggle everyone goes threw it whether its financial or personal. This day and age it's mostly financial and it can affect relationships and family problems because you can never hold your head enough above water to pay them back. This is my struggle I borrow money from my uncle to help with school but at the same time I need a full time job to pay my bills. I'm always behind on bills I'm in debt with credit cards up to my head. I hate asking for money to borrow it because I need a degree to pay them back I'm a prideful person as well.Jobs don't pay enough I mean when your car payment is 374.15 a month and the car insurance is 261.61 and then the rent is 300 the phone is 49.41 and credit cards I can maybe one payment here and there of 25.00-35.00 a month and I have a baby on the way. If you do the math adds all the figures up and split a 650.00 paycheck a month I can't pay everything. I just accepted the struggle and realize when I get my degree and a better paying job it will go away slowly, so with that said I will estimate I will be struggling until I'm 45. Well I'm a small percent of this struggle tell me do you struggle the same?