Success is all how you look at it

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What is my success story? Now that, is an excellent question. I suppose I'm not really sure what my success story really is. After all there are several stories of success that have seemed to have arisen in my nineteen years of existence. There were the days I first learned to walk, and the day I said my first word. That was so long ago though. Lets try something a little more recent. for instance, we could talk about the day I took first state exam or my first time I volunteered at a community event. But wait, I'm supposed to be telling of a time that I experienced financial success. That's a little tougher to think of. I would have to say that the first time I have ever made a reasonable amount of money was when I wrote a paper regarding our country's heroes, or veterans. I was in eighth grade and I was only writing it because I had to. i recall spending all night working on it,  trying to make it sound ok So I would receive full credit. To make this part of the story short, and to spare you from the boring details it ended up being the top paper that was writin In my class and it was entered in a contest. The amount I made totaled 850 dollars. I suppose this is jut chapter one of my success story. Chapter two is when I received my first real job. I was asked to help a neighbor of ours with her household chores and to help her care for her dogs. Her husband was a professor at a college and she had broken her ankle and was incapable of carring for her dogs. This woman bread jack Russell terriers that were of show quality. I was paid 6 dollars an hour and I soon became very close with what I now call my "extended family" I still stay in contact and even go back to work for them to this day. Chapter three begins when I accepted a job at a camp that enabled children from all over new york and Pennsylvania to attend a Christian summer camp for free. I was a member of the staff as well as a lifeguard This was awesome because I was able to view hundreds of Children experience laughter and Jesus in a way that some were only able to once a year at our camp. The money that I had accumulated over the years through these different oppurtunities as well as many scholarships enabled me to attend a college that love and would have never been able to afford on my own. But the success was not found in the money. It was in the experiences and connections with people I have grown to love. This is what made it all worth it. My story is not finished either. I am asking you to join me in adding a new chapter to my book of success and aid me in making many more experiences, connections, and memories that will last for a lifetime.